Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Favorite. (weekly featured link from me to you)

Whenever I need the equivalent of a change of scenery before getting back to the project at hand, I head to The Daily Beast's Buzz Board. It's my favorite of all the sites claiming to offer the inside scoop on what's cool. The best part is the truly eclectic mix of notable folks passing along their recommendations for everything from mascara to art exhibitions, causes, getaways, novels, philosophers, and films. After checking out the Buzz I feel like I've had a refreshing walk around the block. Buzz Board is updated daily so I can usually find at least one to several new items during each visit.

So what does this have to do with schools and colleges? A university president from a well-known institution is a perfect candidate to buzz. Who wouldn't want to know what the president of Carnegie Mellon, NYU or Penn is reading? Schools with famous alumni and parents, who are big fans of the institution, can consider pitching those purveyors of taste to buzz about a favorite campus gallery, rare book collection, team, course or program.

Whether buzzer or buzzed, I'd love to see schools and colleges as part of the Buzz Board mix.

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