Saturday, August 1, 2009

30 Articles -- A Lovenote to CASE CURRENTS

As I was zipping through an online list of my CASE CURRENTS articles, I happened to notice a little number at the bottom of the screen -- 30 articles.*

Whoa! 30 articles? I started writing for CURRENTS ten years ago. My first editor, Andrea Gabrick, liked to give me the stories that had a lot of complicated, moving parts. Making sense of those issues has been an amazing education for me. I've had the chance to write about everything from the high cost of tuition to institutional image to spirituality and a new era of advancement, to millennials, helicopter parents, missions, branding and mascots. Each article has allowed me to dip into the collective wisdom of a smart, talented and goodhearted school and higher ed community. Literally scores of sources who have shared their experiences and insights.

Thank you to CASE, thank you to my editors, and thank you to everyone who has ever answered one of my emails headed: "CASE CURRENTS Interview?"

*Not all my articles are on my site but you can find them at


Rick said...

Congratulations, Andrea, on your 30th article for Currents. It's an outstanding publication for higher ed professionals and it says a lot about your reputation for you to have so many articles published in it.

I have read some of your your work over the years, but not all. So, I plan to read the ones you've listed which I haven't read.

You have a good writing style and an ability to nail the subject matter. I find myself agreeing with your takes on higher education marketing and advancement, which tells me that I'm on the right track.

Thanks for your work, and congrats again!

Andrea Jarrell said...

That really means a lot coming from you. I find myself getting so much from your posts and links! Thanks again. So good to connect.